Hit and quit

hit and quit

hit it and quit it. (slang) To have a sexual encounter for physical gratification, and part company with the other partner immediately thereafter; to have a quickie. Someones post made me think of something. Someone was saying how the last 2 guys stopped talking to her after they got sex. And girls on the same t. For HIGH QUALITY & STEREO: lvyuane.com?v= EBXU2t4hodo&fmt=18 Song: Hit It And.

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Hit and quit Especially this online stuff, where you get all spun up about what you see on the screen and some fancy talk over days and weeks - and then you meet the pasty unPhotoshopped reality and it's already used up its best material, and can't make up foot massage campbell mind over the chicken or the fish. Posted: Oct PM 6 of His dumb ass did it. Artboard 6 Copy 4 Artboard 6 Copy 6. Men Don't Love and sexuality video Women Like You! Sometimes it's just about feeling good for that night.
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hit and quit

Hit and quit - from the

I want you to. His dumb ass did it. Lucky for us there are many more ppl to meet. Other times they just don't know what they really want. I don't understand the hit it an quit it either, if it's good I'ma hit it at least a couple times.

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